Camp Pinecliffe

A very special part of our summer since 2003!

Sara has been the head instructor and Equestrian Program Director for Camp Pinecliffe since 1997, when Pinecliffe still held riding classes on site.

In 2003 we had a goal to create a unique, special riding program for our Pinecliffe students and with that in mind the Equestrian Program moved a short distance away (a 5 minute drive) to the top notch facilities at WEC.

What immediately grabs the attention of both our riders and parents is the quality of the facility. We have the ability to ride in any weather condition, in a secure and safe indoor arena. We also have a full sized outdoor, and some enclosed fields for relaxed riding fun.

Not only are the riding conditions a huge cut above any other summer camp riding program in the area, but our horses and staff are as well.

We are very fortunate to have our lesson horses in house year round, they are safe, reliable and happy mounts for our students. The riding instructors at WEC teach our private students on these horses year round, giving us inside knowledge of their unique personalities.

The riding staff for the Pinecliffe program has been together since 2007 creating a cohesive learning environment for your youngster. Our goal is to give every student the tools to be a confident, happy rider who develops a life long love for this very special sport!

What makes the Pinecliffe Equestrian program different from a standard WEC lesson is the time spent on site, and the variety of activities within each session.

Each lesson group typically spends 60-75 minutes per session doing a variety of activities. We spend time learning about horse and stable care, grooming, tacking and bathing, we have a mounted session which is ability appropriate and we often have a game for a fun finish to our day!

We enjoy hosting low key competitions for our riders with the goal being fun and sportsmanship.

We are very well versed in both complete beginner riding, and the more advanced technique required for an equestrian aiming for competition. So no matter what the ability level is of your Camper, we will be able to help them improve and reach their goals!!

We offer several riding options:

1- "Traditional Program" which consists of twice weekly lessons. We feel that this program meets the needs of the vast majority of our students. At this time, we do our best to fit these lessons in at times that do not interfere with any other camp activities. This is something that is very unique to the Pinecliffe riding experience, and something that enables the campers to truly "never miss out".

2: "Advanced Program" An option for our Jungle and Lodge riders who have experience, but not a lot of extra time. These riders will have a once weekly lesson which enables them to enjoy riding but minimally impact their time away from Camp.

3: "Intense Riding" for the serious and capable rider. This program offers three times weekly riding and is ideal for the focused competitor who wishes to keep her skills sharp while at Camp. This is a great program for the Camper who wishes to make riding a priority in their day!

I invite all Pinecliffe parents to please contact me directly with any questions that you might have about our program. I work in close contact with Camp to be sure we give your rider the best experience they can imagine!